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Monday 8th January

Death in Ancient Egypt
Speaker: Janet Brewer

Monday 12th February

Cogs in the Machinery of War
Speaker: Viv Newman

Monday 11th March

Art of the First World War
Speaker: Chris White

Monday 8th April

Bright Sparks in the History of Electricity
 (with A.G.M. at 7:30)
Speaker: Leslie Smith

Monday 13th May

The London of Samuel Pepys
Speaker: Richard Pusey

Monday 10th June

The History of Mountnessing Windmill
Speaker: Karl Afteni

Monday 8th July

The History of the Purfleet Heritage &
History Centre
Speaker: Paul Hounsell

No meeting in August

Monday 9th September

Britain’s Railways in Edwardian Times
Speaker: Adrian Wright

Monday 14th October

Speaker: Julian Whybra

Monday 11th November

Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor &
Wallis, Duchess of Windsor
Speaker: Margaret Mills

Monday 9th December

15 Minutes of Fame
Speaker: Members of the B.A&H.S.

All meetings start at 8pm except April AGM

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